LutraLudo (Unity3d)

A prototype of a game I am currently developing. Players can stop time by holding the space bar. While time is stopped, drag and move objects out of the way of the falling sprite. The time-stop bar depletes as the ability is used, and refills when not in use. Using these skills, you must help the otter safely reach the bottom of the tower.

The Amulet (Adobe Flash)

This is the prototype of a game created by myself and several others, based on a client’s specifications. The client's brief was to create game based on her children’s novel ‘The Amulet’. Taking into account to the feeling of the novel, we aimed to create a painterly yet cartoony visual style which children could relate to.

Purple Fire (PDF)

A short story set in the Magic: The Gathering® universe. It tells the story of Ignizu, a young Planeswalker tired of travelling through the Multiverse Settled in a backwater world, he has hidden his power. But what you hide from always catches up with you ...

Magic: The Gathering® is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC.

The Forest (PDF)

A short script. A young boy who had suffered abuse at the hands of his mother retreats into his own world. The script switches locations between the boy’s inner world and the hospital ward he lies in.

A short design document for a theoretical game. The brief was to design a game around the theme of 'salvation', based on an existing myth or historical event. The task-oriented story of Psyche and Eros lends itself very well to game design, and this document details the hypothetical game segment is which Persephone journeys into the underworld to retrieve some of Persephone's beauty.

The Network (PDF)

Most Internet-based games referred to as "social" seem to be based around clicking your way through an endless stream of screens in search of a satisfying result. As a challenge to this, this design document segment details a theoretical "social networking dungeon crawler", the aim being to create a game with social aspects that involves engaging real-time gameplay. I intend to expand this document in the near future.

How Do Hidden and Visible Encounters Impact Game World Exploration in JRPGs? (PDF)

Having noticed how different encounter types in Japanese RPGs impacted my play style, I wanted to find out if others were impacted in the same way, and chose to research this phenomenon for my undergraduate dissertation. This paper analyses how hidden and visible encounters influence game-world exploration, using playtest data and behavioural models.